Kale Sweet Potato Hash

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Kale sweet potato hash is a great way to enjoy more veggies in your morning breakfast. Learn how good nourishment can help your body fight off stress from the day ahead and get the recipe below

kale sweet potato hash in cast iron pan | The Radiant Root
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One way to reduce stress levels is to make time for breakfast.

A meal in the morning is important. It’s not just when you eat but what you are eating. This is especially true if you suffer from low energy and need to drag yourself out of bed.

Typical breakfast foods can be lacking in nutrients that help to calm stress like those found in protein and healthy fat. Instead, they often are high in refined carbohydrates and sugar especially the sneaky, hidden kind. 

One thing you can do to amp up your nutrition during breakfast is to add some veggies. The nutrients found in these foods can release tension and give you the energy you need to get through the day.

Adding veggies to breakfast may seem like a daunting task at first but there are easy ways to make veggies taste great to be a nice addition to your breakfast.

Sweet Potatoes for Breakfast

One food that is a great addition to breakfast time is the sweet potato. 

White potatoes seemed to dominate the breakfast scene for quite some time. But thanks to the introduction of some new breakfast recipes (hello sweet potato toast), this vegetable has finally got its time in the spotlight.

While I love the ease and versatility of sweet potato toast, it can get boring. Don’t get hung up on one method because there are so many ways to cook the sweet potato.

That brings me why I am writing this article. 

I love sweet potatoes. They are one of my favorite fall vegetables so I thought I would offer breakfast food that will warm you up and get you moving on those cold mornings.

And that means root veggies are in! 

Inspired by Shared Appetite, I recreated a kale sweet potato hash. This sweet potato breakfast hash features onion and kale. I swapped out the red pepper for garlic then added cinnamon for natural sweetness.

So before your boil, bake, or saute those sweet potatoes read on to learn to make this kale sweet potato hash to make your morning breakfast great.

Nutrients for Stress Relief

Stress will deplete you of nutrients. Foods can be the best medicine when it comes to maintaining adequate nutrient status. Eating foods with certain nutrients helps the body physically fight stress. Learn how sweet potatoes, kale, and cinnamon can help lower stress.

Sweet Potatoes Nutrition for Stress Relief

Sweet potatoes provide the following nutrients to help with stress relief:

  • Magnesium 
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Pantothenic Acid 
  • Pyridoxine
  • Riboflavin
  • Copper

Magnesium is known for its ability to relax the body. This can help with tense physical stress. 

Potassium is an essential nutrient needed to regulate heartbeat and lower blood pressure. 

Foods with potassium may improve heart health. Vitamin C, E, and riboflavin have the ability to work as an antioxidant and protect cells from inflammation related to stress. 

B vitamins riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and pyridoxine are helpful for calming the nervous system which can help you to feel more at ease.

When stress is rampant the immune system can be compromised. Copper is a nutrient needed for good immune function.

Kale Nutritional Benefits for Stress Relief

Kale provides the following nutrients to help with stress relief:

  • Vitamin B Complex
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin C
  • Potassium
  • Manganese
  • Phosphorus
  • Calcium

Like sweet potatoes, kale provides B vitamins that help to calm the body. Chronic stress can damage cells, vitamin A helps to repair and keep them healthy.

Stress can lead to aging skin. Nutrients like manganese work to protect cells from aging by increasing collagen production.

Phosphorus can protect cells from DNA damage due to chronic stress.

Kale also contains glucosinolates, these compounds are antioxidant properties that protect the plant from environmental and biological stresses such as insects, fungi, drought conditions. When consumed they help to reduce inflammation and protect cells. Chewing, chopping, and cooking activate these compounds.

Chronic stress may lead to osteoporosis. Calcium helps to strengthen bones. It may also reduce inflammation that leads to bone loss.

Nutrients in Cinnamon for Stress Relief

Though it does contain essential nutrients, cinnamon’s health benefits come from its phytochemical properties. These help to boost brain function and reduce oxidative stress in rats.

Blood sugar can sometimes be elevated in those with stress. Cinnamon has been found to regulate glucose in animal studies.

How to Make Potato Hash

I like to start by prepping my veggies. You want to make sure you chop the sweet potatoes in small enough pieces otherwise they will take longer to cook. A good size is about ¼ inch cube.

If you’re using fresh kale be sure to destem the leaves and chop into smaller pieces. You can also purchase pre-chopped kale.

For this particular recipe, I used a chopped white onion but you can substitute red onion if you want a milder flavor. 

Ingredients for Kale Sweet Potato Hash White Onion, Kale, Garlic, Coconut Oil, Cinnamon and Sweet Potatoes | The Radiant Root

Cast Iron Pan for Even Heat

I like using a cast iron pan because it evenly distributes the heat plus you can get a little dose of iron every time you cook in it. Which is great for stress reduction. 

Don’t have a cast-iron pan? No worries You can use any type of skillet

Gradually heat up the pan rotating it on the burner to let the heat be evenly applied for about 10 minutes. 

Next, add the unrefined virgin coconut oil and heat it until melted. Rotate the pan until it’s completely covered with the oil.

Cast Iron Pan with Melted Coconut Oil | The Radiant Root

Since the sweet potatoes take the longest to cook add them first and cook for about five minutes. Stir in the diced onions, the pressed garlic stirring, and cinnamon, and cook for another five minutes 

Cast Iron Skillet with Cooked Sweet Potatoes, Diced White Onion,Garlic, and Cinnamon | Kale Sweet Potato Hash | The Radiant Root

Kale doesn’t take too long to cook so it is the last ingredient you want to put in the pan. Top the sweet potato mixture with the kale and stir it until it is well blended. As it cooks it should turn a bright green color. Then cover and let cook for the last five minutes. 

You want the potatoes to be fork tender

The finished product is a beautifully colorful dish that not only looks delicious but will taste good too! This recipe yields about four servings so if you wind up with leftovers this dish can make a nice side to have later at dinner. Though it looks delicious you may want to eat it all.

Cast Iron Skillet with Cooked Sweet Potatoes, Diced White Onion,Garlic, Cinnamon, and Kale | Kale Sweet Potato Hash | The Radiant Root

Some Tips to Make This Recipe Even Easier

If you are strapped for time in the morning one way to speed things along is by having your ingredients prepped and ready to go. 

Meal prepping can do wonders when you are strapped for time. I will peel and cut my veggies the day I go shopping and then freeze or refrigerate them to have on hand when I need them. 

Onions can be a pain to cut so I will often use the food processor instead to save time. 

Another shortcut to use in this recipe is to use pre-prepped or frozen veggies. Cubed sweet potatoes and frozen kale are great to substitute to save you time. Just thaw out the kale and drain off any excess water before adding it to the hash.

Substitutions for Allergies/Sensitivities

I like to use coconut oil but if you have a sensitivity or allergy to coconuts you can use extra virgin olive oil

This recipe is gluten-free and AIP approved so it is good for those with certain food sensitivities.

Equipment Used In the Kale Sweet Potato Hash Recipe

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Cast Iron Skillet with Cooked Sweet Potatoes, Diced White Onion,Garlic, Cinnamon, and Kale | Kale Sweet Potato Hash | The Radiant Root

Kale Sweet Potato Hash

Print Recipe
Veggie packed breakfast with the sweet taste of cinnamon
Course Breakfast, dinner, Side Dish
Cuisine dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian
Keyword cinnamon, easy meal, quick recipe, savory
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 25 mins
Servings 4
Calories 165


  • 2 cup Kale de-stemmed and chopped (can also substitute frozen kale)
  • 3 medium Sweet potatoes peeled and cubed ¼ inch 
  • 3 Garlic Garlic cloves peeled and mashed
  • 1 tsp Cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp Unrefined coconut oil


  • Warm the skillet over medium heat for about 10 minutes.
  • Add the coconut oil, heat until melted, and rotate the pan until coated with the oil.
  • Add in the sweet potatoes and cook for about 5 minutes stirring occasionally.
  • Stir in the onions, garlic, cinnamon, and cook for another 5 minutes.
  • Top the mixture with kale and stir in until well blended and the kale turns bright green.
  • Cover and cook for about 5 minutes until the potatoes in the kale hash are fork-tender.
  • Let cool and serve


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