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At the top it reads “The Radiant Root.” There is a wooden table with a white bowl containing the finished guacamole with a lime and cilantro leaf sticking out of it sitting on wooden table. In the lower left corner it reads “Food Processor Guacamole.” | basic guacamole recipe | The Radiant Root

4 Ingredient Food Processor Guacamole

Food processor guacamole is a recipe that features just four ingredients. This kitchen tool has helped me create an easy guacamole recipe that will give you a tasty creamy snack that is both gluten and dairy-free. If you are looking for an innovative and exciting way to make your guacamole you have come to the […]

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Tigernut butter main photo: A close up of the finished homemade tiger nut butter on top of blueberries in a clear glass bowl sitting on top of a blue striped dish towel. In the lower left hand corner it reads “Tigernut Butter” on the riht lower left corner is a image of a green root and below it reads “the radiant root.” | What are tiger nuts? | The Radiant Root

Homemade Tigernut Butter (Nut-Free, AIP, Paleo)

Tiger nut butter is an excellent nut-free butter alternative for those with a nut allergy, or sensitivity, or following a paleo or autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet. This recipe takes less than 10 minutes and contains just 3 ingredients. Embark on a swift and delightful journey into the world of homemade tigernut butter with a recipe

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Vegan Dill Dip on a white plate with gluten-free chips and a checkered brown and white towel | homemade dill dip | The Radiant Root

Vegan Dill Dip

Looking for an easy vegan dill dip? Try this three-ingredient homemade dill dip featuring coconut yogurt and garlic for a tasty snack that is dairy- and gluten-free. Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links, this means when you sign up or purchase from these links we may receive a small commission at no extra

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Cooked banana bread on a white kitchen towel with the words "Banana bread (no added sugar) in green and white lettering | Banana Bread No Added Sugar Recipe | The Radiant Root

Banana Bread (No Added Sugar, GF, DF)

This banana bread (no added) sugar recipe is sweetened naturally with bananas, carrots, and dried figs. In addition to tasting great without any added sweeteners, it is also gluten and dairy-free. Now that the weather has turned a bit cooler it makes the best time to turn on your oven and get baking! One of

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Air Fryer Peaches with Cinnamon

Air fryers have been making dinner a cinch, but they can also be used to make some tasty desserts. If you are a fan of air fryer recipes and want an easy 2 ingredient dessert read on to learn how to make my healthy air fryer peaches recipe. Even though the unofficial end of summer

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