Asparagus Wrapped in Turkey Bacon

With this recipe, I wanted to show you a creative way to get more veggies into your day. Plain asparagus may not be the most appealing but adding the savory flavor of turkey bacon can make it taste so great everyone in your family will love it. Read on to learn how to make asparagus wrapped in turkey bacon.

Roasted asparagus spears wrapped in turkey bacon | turkey bacon wrapped asparagus | The Radiant Root

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What is asparagus?

Asparagus is a flowering perennial plant called Asparagus officinalis that comes from the lily family. It looks like a green stick or spear. 

It has a cluster of green flowers at the top assembled like a rose. Aside from the bottom three inches (this woody bottom stem), you can eat the asparagus spear. 

The asparagus we eat is the young shoot of the plant. If it grows to maturity it will become a fernlike plant that lasts until fall.

Asparagus plants are found all over the world but are mostly grown in China, Peru, Germany, and the United States. They can live through cold climates and will emerge in the spring.

Once they reach 6 to 8 inches tall they will be harvested. The thickness of the spears varies and can get as big as a half-inch.

You can grow your own asparagus but need a lot of space and patience since it can take as long as three to four years to produce edible spears.

This causes asparagus to be a lavish vegetable and often higher in price. 

If you don’t have the tenacity to grow your own spears you can buy them in bundles of 12 to 15 spears at the store or farmer’s market.

Types of asparagus

There are 15 types of asparagus, 14 of which are edible. The most common ones you may find in your supermarket or farmer’s market include 

  • Green asparagus
  • White asparagus 
  • Violet/Purple asparagus

Green asparagus is the typical type of asparagus you will find in the United States. I’ve seen fresh white asparagus once in a while here in the States but it’s a lot more common in Europe. Violet and purple asparagus are more common in the United Kingdom and Italy.

Where to buy asparagus

Asparagus is mostly available in the spring and summer. In the US, you may see it available for purchase between March and June. If you see asparagus in the market in the fall or winter it is coming from another country. 

The thickness of the spears also indicates when the spears were grown. If you see real skinny spears it indicates it was picked early in the season. Fatter spears show it comes from the end of the growing season.

Asparagus can be purchased anywhere you can buy veggies. So you can pick it up at the food store and farmer’s market.

How to pick asparagus

If you’re looking for fresh asparagus you can go to a farmer’s market and stores with local asparagus growers. 

Asparagus that is bright in color (green, purple, or white depending on the variety) and a compact heat is supposed to make it a more tender vegetable.

One bundle of asparagus is usually sold by the pound and will contain about 12 to 15 spears. The typical asparagus serving size for one bundle is about 2 to 4 servings. If you chop it up you can get about 3 cups from one bundle.

What does asparagus taste like?

The taste of asparagus will vary depending on the variety. Green asparagus has an earthy flavor that has been compared to the taste of broccoli or green beans.

The color will also determine the asparagus’ taste. So white and purple asparagus will have a milder flavor. 

All varieties of asparagus will also take on the flavor of what it’s cooked with so spices are a great addition to make this veggie taste great.

If you’re curious about how to eat asparagus, I like to start from the bottom up so you save the more flavorful top for last.

Storing asparagus properly can prolong its shelf life and flavor. However, to get the best asparagus flavor, the sooner you eat it the better. 

Asparagus nutrition information

This vegetable contains a lot of nutrients. Here is a breakdown of the asparagus nutrition facts for one cup of raw asparagus:

  • Calories: 27 kcal
  • Protein: 3 g
  • Total fat: 0.16 g
  • Fiber: 3 g (12% Daily Value)
  • Potassium: 273 mg (8% Daily Value)
  • Vitamin C: 7.6 mg (13% Daily Value)
  • Vitamin K: 56.2 mcg (70% Daily Value)
  • Folate: 70.2mcg (18% Daily Value)

Aside from these asparagus vitamins and minerals this veggie also contains the antioxidants alpha-tocopherol, vitamin C, glutathione, flavonoids, and polyphenols.

The nutritional value of asparagus is even higher in purple asparagus due to the additional antioxidants known as anthocyanins which give it the purple color.

Is asparagus healthy

If you were wondering what is asparagus good for, there are quite a few things to which this vegetable has been linked. Asparagus’ nutritional content has been associated with bone health

Other possible asparagus health benefits include regulation of blood pressure, brain function, cell growth, and weight management.

In addition to the various asparagus nutrients, the antioxidants found in this veggie may help prevent free radical production and lower inflammation.

The fiber in asparagus has been associated with good gut health.

Asparagus side effects

Eating asparagus may cause stomach discomfort if you are not used to eating foods high in fiber. 

There is also a connection between asparagus and urine. This is because when asparagus is digested it produces asparagusic acid. This compound contains sulfur and will make your urine smell. 

The younger the asparagus, the higher the asparagusic acid levels and the stronger the odor. So this answers the question, “Why does asparagus make your pee stink?”

How to Prepare Asparagus

When it comes to how to make fresh asparagus you want to start by prepping it. Here are the steps for prepping asparagus.

  • Wash and Dry: Rinse asparagus, then pat dry.
  • Trim the Ends: Snap off woody ends, trim with a knife, or cut with kitchen shears.
  • Optional Peeling: Peel thicker spears if desired
  • Seasoning: Add your favorite seasonings to flavor the asparagus.

Once the asparagus is prepped you can pick a cooking method.

How do you cook asparagus?

There are various ways on how to cook asparagus. If you want to maintain the nutrient content, steam, roast, grill, or saute this veggie.

In regards to the question, “How long does asparagus take to cook?” it will vary on the way you want your veggie to taste.

How long to bake asparagus

Many wonder, “How long do you bake asparagus?” A lot of asparagus recipes will give you information on baking this vegetable but baking is actually done at lower heat.

With vegetables, you want to roast them instead. 

How long to roast asparagus

Typically you want to roast the asparagus long enough so it’s tender and not too chewy. So when it comes to how to cook asparagus in the oven stick to about 25 to 30 minutes at 425 degrees Fahrenheit. 

That is what I did for this recipe and it came out quite tasty.

What is turkey bacon?

If you are curious, where does turkey bacon come from, and “What is turkey bacon made of?” Here are the deets.

Turkey bacon is often an alternative to regular pork bacon. It can be found at most food stores. 

How is turkey bacon made?

It is made from chopped or ground light and dark turkey meat and skin and then pressed into bacon-like strips.

It can also contain sugar, seasonings like salt, and preservatives.

What does turkey bacon taste like?

If you’re trying turkey bacon for the first time don’t be surprised if it doesn’t taste exactly like pork bacon. However, it still will have a savory meaty flavor that can appeal to your tastebuds.

Sometimes you can also find a smoked variety of turkey bacon if you like that flavor of bacon.

The recipe below uses plain, nitrate, and sugar-free turkey bacon and still tastes delicious.

Turkey bacon nutrition information

Here is a breakdown of the nutrition facts on turkey bacon, unprepared per serving (1 slice of a 12 oz package):

  • Calories: 36 kcal
  • Carbs: 0.3 grams
  • Protein: 3 grams
  • Total fat: 3 grams
  • Saturated fat: 1 gram
  • Sodium: 171 mg (7% of the DV)
  • Niacin: 1 mg (6% of the DV)
  • Vitamin B12: 0.2 micrograms (8% of the DV)

Turkey bacon also contains minerals selenium, phosphorus, zinc, niacin, thiamine, and B6.

Turkey bacon vs pork bacon

There are some differences in the levels of protein, carbs, fat, calories, and other nutrients when comparing pork bacon vs turkey bacon.

Since it is a leaner meat, turkey bacon calories are lower than those found in pork bacon. A slice of pork bacon is 67% higher in calories than turkey bacon (110 calories vs. 36 calories).

There is more total fat in pork bacon than in turkey bacon, (10 verse 3 grams). Saturated fat levels also vary between turkey and pork bacon. Pork bacon has 4 grams of saturated fat while turkey bacon has only 1 gram.

Saturated fat makes up 25% of the total calories in turkey bacon. Pork bacon has 33% percent of calories from saturated fat. 

If you’re curious how much protein is in turkey bacon when compared to pork bacon you’d be surprised to know there is very little difference between pork and turkey bacon protein levels. Turkey bacon has 3 grams while pork bacon has 4 grams of protein.

The turkey bacon carbs levels are pretty much the same as those in the pork version. They have less than 1 gram of carbs.

Turkey bacon can also be a good substitute for someone who cannot eat regular bacon or has a pork allergy.

Is turkey bacon healthy?

B vitamins are essential to health and turkey bacon contains small amounts of all the B complex vitamins (thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, B6, folate, and B12). 

Turkey bacon also contains small amounts of minerals needed for cell function:

In regards to the question, “Is turkey bacon healthier than other bacon?” It depends on the type and how much you consume.

Is turkey bacon bad for you in large quantities?

While turkey bacon does have less saturated fat than pork bacon, there is still a good amount of saturated fat. This makes up about 33% of the total fat content.

Some research shows a high intake of saturated fat is associated with some types of heart disease. Processed meat and red meat have also been linked to various cancers.

The way that turkey bacon is made makes it processed meat. This type of meat has been associated with health conditions and is recommended to be eaten in moderation by the World Health Organization.

Additionally, certain brands of turkey bacon may contain ingredients that will negatively affect the health content of the food. These include:

  • Added sugar
  • Nitrates
  • Smoked additives
  • Other preservatives

Some research shows minimally and unprocessed meat is not as bad for health as overly processed meats with high amounts of saturated fat.

There are no specific studies showing the effects of turkey bacon on health. So this may depend on the type and quantity that is consumed. Moderation of this food may be recommended.

The best turkey bacon to use in this recipe

Is there the best turkey bacon? When choosing turkey bacon look for the following:

  • Minimally processed 
  • No preservatives
  • No added sugar
  • No nitrates
  • Low sodium

Natural or minimally processed turkey bacon often contains celery powder. This is a naturally occurring nitrate. If you have a celery issue it is best to get a product that does not contain this ingredient.

While the risks of nitrates from celery powder are unknown, however, this ingredient had lower levels of nitrates when compared with regular sodium nitrate.

The use of celery powder may also increase the sodium levels of the turkey bacon. If you are concerned about your salt intake look for a brand with less than 150 mg of sodium per serving.

Another thing you can do is stick to just one or two strips of turkey bacon and pair it with nutrient-dense foods like asparagus.

And in case you were wondering, “Is turkey bacon keto?” The answer is yes! This is a keto-friendly food. So there is no specific bacon-wrapped asparagus keto version of this recipe. Just make it and enjoy.

Some brands that might be good to check out include Applegate turkey bacon* and Aldi turkey bacon. Your food store* may also have a natural variety that is less processed. 

*Some of these links are affiliate links, this means when you sign up or purchase from these links we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Learn more in our disclosure statement.

How to cook turkey bacon

Some people have asked, “Can you eat turkey bacon raw?” The answer is no. Even if the turkey bacon is pre-cooked or smoked eating it raw could make you sick.

So be sure to cook your turkey bacon well. Since it is poultry it needs to be heated to at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here is a breakdown of how to cook turkey bacon:

  • In the oven
  • In the air fryer
  • On the stove in a pan

For this recipe, you want to know how to make turkey bacon in the oven. The time it takes to bake turkey bacon in the oven varies depending on how crispy you want it.

For this asparagus-wrapped-in turkey bacon recipe, I cooked it for between 25 and 30 minutes to get a crispy strip of turkey bacon.

Recipe ingredients

This asparagus-wrapped-in turkey bacon recipe is very easy to make and needs only two ingredients:

  • 1 lb of fresh asparagus bundle (about 12-15 spears)
  • 8 oz uncured, sugar-free turkey bacon 
Roasted asparagus spears wrapped in turkey bacon | turkey bacon wrapped asparagus | The Radiant Root

Optional Ingredients

Often asparagus bacon-wrapped recipes will add a drizzle of olive oil or additional seasonings like garlic salt. 

I find there is no need for these ingredients when making turkey bacon-wrapped asparagus. 

That is because the bacon contains salt and fat. These ingredients will have enough savory flavor to make the asparagus taste great on its own.

I did not even add any additional salt or pepper when making my asparagus wrapped in bacon.

This knocks down the recipe to just 2 ingredients making it a super easy bacon-wrapped asparagus recipe.

How to make bacon-wrapped asparagus (step-by-step instructions)

Asparagus bacon recipes can be made in a number of ways. For this asparagus bacon recipe, I opted for baked asparagus bacon. 

Here’s a breakdown of how to make asparagus wrapped in bacon. You can get the full recipe outlining the ingredients and other details in the recipe card below.

1. Pre-heat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. 

2. Line a baking or cookie sheet with parchment paper* or a reusable baking mat* and set it aside.

Photo 1 of 6 for Asparagus Wrapped In turkey Bacon: A baking sheet with parchment paper | Roasted asparagus spears wrapped in turkey bacon Instructions | How Long to Roast Asparagus| The Radiant Root

3. Wash and pat dry the bundle of asparagus. Then trim about 3 inches off the woody bottom of each stalk. I find that using kitchen shears* really speeds up this process.

Instructions Photo 2 of 6 for Asparagus Wrapped In turkey Bacon Hands cutting the woody ends off asparagus on a white background Roasted asparagus spears wrapped in turkey bacon | How to Cook Turkey Bacon | The Radiant Root

Once all the asparagus spears are trimmed you can set them aside and prep the bacon.

4. Bacon packages usually have about 8 or 10 strips of bacon. I like to split them in half so there is enough for all of the spears of asparagus.

Take a slice of bacon and slice it in half lengthways so you then have two slices. Continue until all the bacon is cut in half. Set it aside.

Instructions Photo 3 of 6 for Asparagus Wrapped In turkey Bacon: A white cutting board with hands cutting a piece of turkey bacon lengthwise into two pieces | How long does asparagus take to cook | The Radiant Root

5. Take a slice of turkey bacon and wrap it around one asparagus spear to make bacon-wrapped asparagus. Make the bacon wrap loose enough to cover the whole asparagus spear. 

6. Hold the top and bottom ends of the bacon on the asparagus spear and place it on the baking sheet. Take another spear and wind a piece of bacon around it.

Place it next to the first turkey bacon-wrapped asparagus spears a few inches apart so they do not stick together when they are baked.

Continue until all the spears of asparagus are wrapped in bacon. 

Instructions Photo 4 of 6 for Asparagus Wrapped In turkey BaconHands placing asparagus spears wrapped with turkey bacon on a baking sheet with parchment paper | how to cook asparagus. | The Radiant Root

If you cannot fit all the asparagus wrapped in turkey bacon spears on one cookie sheet you can move them to another sheet or cook them in shifts.

You should have about 13 to 15 asparagus bundles wrapped with turkey bacon.

If you wind up with an uneven amount of bacon and asparagus you can wrap the bacon strips around just one asparagus spear as I have done in the photo below.

Now the asparagus is ready to be put in the oven.

Instructions Photo 5 of 6 for Asparagus Wrapped In turkey Bacon: A baking sheet with parchment paper lined with asparagus wrapped in turkey bacon raw before cooking |how to eat asparagus | The Radiant Root

7. Cooking bacon-wrapped asparagus is the next step after it is prepped. All you have to do is put the cookie sheet with the bacon-wrapped asparagus in the oven.

Let it cook for 25 to 30 minutes then take the baking sheet out of the oven.

8. Let cool for 5 minutes and enjoy your baked asparagus wrapped in bacon.

Instructions Photo 6 of 6 for Asparagus Wrapped In turkey Bacon: Cooked asparagus wrapped in turkey bacon raw on a parchment paper lined baking sheet | how do you cook asparagus | The Radiant Root

Best way to store asparagus wrapped in turkey bacon

If you have any asparagus wrapped in turkey bacon here is information on how to store asparagus and turkey bacon at home. 

How Long is Cooked Asparagus Good For

Storing asparagus varies between cooked and raw asparagus. If you’re curious, “How long does cooked asparagus last?” here is what you do if you want to know how to store asparagus.

Here is how to store asparagus in the fridge: asparagus in an air-tight sealable container. When it comes to how long does cooked asparagus last in the fridge? It is about 3 to 5 days.

So as to whether can you freeze cooked asparagus, the answer is yes. Place it in an airtight sealable container in the freezer. Cooked asparagus can be kept in the freezer for up to 8 months. 

Storing asparagus wrapped in turkey bacon will vary slightly so check out the section below for additional storage tips.

How to store bacon

Like regular bacon, turkey bacon needs to be refrigerated after it is purchased.

How long is bacon good for in the Refrigerator (uncooked)

Uncooked turkey bacon can last for between 7 and 14 days in the refrigerator. It has also been said to lose flavor after 3 days. 

If you’re wondering, “How long can you freeze bacon,?” there is no limit to how long you can keep it in your freezer. However, after 6 months it dries out and loses its taste. 

Cooked bacon storage

So does the cooked bacon need to be refrigerated? Yes! In regards to the question, “How long does cooked bacon last in the fridge and freezer?” Read below for more details.

Just like raw turkey bacon, you need to refrigerate it after cooking. It can stay out for about 2 hours but after that, you want to put it in the fridge. 

Cooked turkey bacon can last in the fridge for about 4 to 5 days. Anything longer than that might be an issue. If you know you’re not going to eat it within the next couple of days you can then pop it in the freezer. 

Just don’t let it sit in there past a month. The freezer bacon will no longer be good at that point.

Storage tips to keep asparagus wrapped in turkey bacon

Now you know how long cooked asparagus and turkey bacon are good for you can estimate how well your baked bacon-wrapped asparagus spears will last after you cook them.

If you have any turkey bacon asparagus spears left over you can place them in a resealable air-tight container* and then place them in the fridge for up to 5 days. 

The leftover asparagus wrapped in bacon spears can also be saved in the freezer for up to one month.

How to reheat asparagus 

If you want to chow down on your asparagus in bacon leftovers and are wondering, “Can you reheat bacon-wrapped asparagus?” The answer is yes! 

Here are some ways you can reheat this roasted bacon-wrapped asparagus.

You can microwave turkey bacon-wrapped asparagus. Place the spears on a microwave-safe plate and let it run for 1 minute to a minute and 30 seconds.

If you’re looking for a crispy taste, the best way to reheat bacon is to rebake it in a regular oven or toaster oven.

You want to preheat the oven or toaster oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Then cook the asparagus warped in turkey bacon spears for about 5 to 10 minutes.

You can also place the asparagus wrapped in turkey bacon in the air fryer. Set the air fryer to 370 degrees Fahrenheit and cook for 1 to 2 minutes.

Really hungry? You can even eat those turkey bacon-wrapped asparagus spears cold.

Common and FAQs

How do you make asparagus crispy not soggy?

Some tips to prevent asparagus from getting soggy include:

– Using fresh asparagus. Avoid asparagus that is tough and stringy
– Cut the ends off the spear to remove any woody and tough parts
– Try not to overcook it. This will make it mushy and soggy
– High heat will ensure crispness Keep the asparagus
– Adding fat and seasoning like olive oil or bacon can help it crisp up
– Keep spaces between the spears to avoid steaming The sooner you serve the asparagus the crispier it will be

Should you soak asparagus before cooking?

No, you do not need to soak asparagus before cooking. It will make the vegetable mushy so it’s best to not do this. If you need to remove dirt or sand you can just rinse it under cold water and pat dry.

Do you need to blanch asparagus before roasting?

No, you do not need to blanch asparagus before roasting it. Blanching is usually done to make a vegetable softer. However, asparagus is a tender veggie and doesn’t need to be blanched.

You can blanch it if you want to. To blanch the asparagus you want to boil a pot of water. Then add the asparagus and cook for one to two minutes until they are bright green. Drain the water and then plunge the asparagus into a bowl of ice water to stop it from cooking.

Once the asparagus is cooled you can roast it as directed in the recipe.

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Equipment used in this recipe*

Here is the equipment or similar items used in this turkey bacon-wrapped asparagus recipe:

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Asparagus Wrapped in Turkey Bacon

​​Want an easy way to make your asparagus taste great? Add some turkey bacon and bake. This super simple asparagus and bacon recipe will make a mouth-watering side dish.
Course Appetizer, dinner, lunch, Side Dish, Snack
Cuisine AIP, corn-free, dairy-free, gluten-free
Keyword AIP, antioxidants, appetizers, asparagus, asparagus wrapped in turkey bacon, dairy-free, keto, low carb, olive oil, paleo, protein, roasted vegetables, turkey bacon, vegetables
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes
Servings 6 2 Spears
Calories* 65kcal


  • 1 pound asparagus (1 bundle ranges between 12 and 26 spears)
  • 8 ounces uncured, sugar-free turkey bacon


  • Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a reusable baking mat and set aside.
  • Trim the ends off of each raw asparagus spear and set them aside.
  • Take a piece of raw bacon and slice it length-wise so will then you have two slices. Continue until all the bacon is cut in half. Then set aside.
  • Take a strip of bacon and wrap it around two asparagus spears. Then place it on the baking sheet.
  • Continue until all the spears of asparagus are wrapped in bacon and placed on the baking sheet.
  • Place the baking sheet with the asparagus wrapped in turkey bacon in the oven and cook for 25 to 30 minutes until the bacon is crispy.
  • Let cool for 5 minutes and enjoy.



This section provides valuable recipe tips, suggests optional ingredients and substitutions, and offers guidance on storing and reheating any leftover portions.

Tips on how to cook asparagus wrapped in bacon

I recommend using a fatter variety of asparagus but if you can only find skinny asparagus, you can wrap more than two asparagus spears within one piece of bacon. 
In this recipe, I wound up with two fewer pieces of asparagus than bacon so for the last two asparagus pieces, I just wrapped them each in their own slice of bacon.
I recommend using a fatter variety of asparagus but if you can only find skinny asparagus, you can wrap more than two asparagus spears within one piece of bacon.
In this recipe, I wound up with two fewer pieces of asparagus than bacon so for the last two asparagus pieces, I just wrapped them each in their own slice of bacon.


Tips for storing any left over turkey bacon wrapped asparagus

Cooked asparagus will last about 3 to 5 days when stored in an airtight container. Alternatively, you can also put it in the freezer where it will keep for up to 8 months. 
Heated turkey bacon should not be left out for more than 2 hours. When placed in a sealable container it can last 4 to 5 days. If you will not be eating your leftover turkey asparagus spears you can put them in the freezer for about a month.


How to reheat this recipe

If you have any leftover spears here are the details on how to reheat your bacon-wrapped asparagus. You can heat them in the microwave for 30 seconds. If you want a more crispy taste you can reheat it in the oven or toaster oven. 
Set the oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit then cook the asparagus spears for 5 to 10 minutes.
Using the air fryer is another way to reheat the spears quickly. Cook at 370 degrees Fahrenheit for 1 to 2 minutes.
Don’t want to bother cooking? I also like to eat them cold right out of the refrigerator. 


Optional ingredients and substitutions to use in this recipe

If you’re a fan of smoked turkey bacon you can substitute that flavor to make smoked bacon-wrapped asparagus.

For me, the fat and salt in the turkey bacon give it enough flavor but additional ingredients include black pepper.
*Nutritional information is estimated using Nutrifox nutrition label maker*

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